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Peter J Meehan- Historical and Travel Fiction Writer 

Historical Fiction:


 Life as a highway; travel it often

These stories of adventure, romance, and intrigue explore the aftermath of the events that have shaped our modern world:

  • post-communist reality in the Balkans after 9/11 

  • relationships amid terrorism

    • in Spain’s Basque region during the Franco regime

    • in London while Thatcher revamped Britain

  • treks across the history of North Africa

  • encounters in the Arctic barren lands and northern bush    

Book Launches: ebook, Kindle or paperback

The novel That Weekend in Albania  has been published, with four more anticipated. These are reality-based novels of historical fiction appealing to actual (or armchair) travellers looking for characters facing internal conflicts during transformative times.

Availble on this site (see menu above: 'Order'), and in select bookstores .

The novel That Time in Spain  will be published next (2022).

Other stories are currently being edited, including  London Calling,

At the End of the Road, The Long Light of Northern Days and A Road Trip to Mexico .

Contact the author at or leave a comment on the contact page.

Latest Story

That Time in Spain-

Historical fiction during the evolving political transition of Franco’s Spain. A young academic falls for a politically active Basque who disappears in the aftermath of World War II.

20 years later, hearing that she may be alive,  he returns to find her as Franco’s totalitarian rule sputters to a close. Is it ever too late to make amends?

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